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10 Must-Haves for the Expecting Creative Entrepreneur

My Favorite Pregnancy & New Mom Items

10 Must-Haves for Expecting and New Mom Creative Entrepreneurs |


With so many products on the market targeting expecting and new moms, it can be so overwhelming to decide what you *actually* need or should put on your registry. There are a ton of items that are just not worth it at all, and after having my second baby girl (and trying #allthethings), I thought I would share what items were most worth it for me—especially as a creative business owner.


All of the items on this list are geared more for you—the mama—and I’ll explain how each one can really help you also as a creative business owner specifically. You’re welcome. 🙂


1. The Snoogle Pregnancy Pillow. Click here to purchase.

Even before the baby arrives, by the third-trimester sleep can be difficult. With my first daughter Hadley Raine, I had terrible heartburn which I later realized it was because she had a head full of hair. With my second daughter Opal Everly, I had contractions every night the month leading up to her birth. This pillow was a total lifesaver when I was so miserably uncomfortable and no amount of stand-alone pillows would make me comfortable.

As a creative business owner, especially if you are planning and working ahead for a full-time or part-time maternity leave, you just can’t skimp out on your sleep. And being pregnant, you can’t just down some coffee and push through. Take care of yourself and get comfortable with a Snoogle.


2. Meal Delivery. Click here to get my favorite, Sakara.

Again, if you are working hard to get ahead of your editorial calendar and wrap up client projects before maternity leave, not worrying about cooking is another time-saver. And especially after the baby arrives, you won’t feel like cooking and you need to plan ahead on how to feed yourself, and maybe your family, well while you recover.

Meal trains are amazing, and we have had some wonderful friends bring us meals for both babies, but it’s still nice to have some backup meal delivery options.

Before having Opal, I tried Sakara and friends, I cannot express how much I loved it! I will say they are probably the most expensive meal delivery program, a favorite amongst Victoria Secret angels, however, they had a special collaboration with my favorite beauty online shop CAP Beauty that came with a nice discount and a goodie bag of beauty products. I still use their Beauty Water and Detox Tea.

If you’d like to try them out, click here for $50 off your first order.

Check out their new cookbook here.

Other honorable mentions include Sun Basket (you can order Paleo-friendly meals) and my Tulsa-local favorites Evolve Paleo and Pure Food & Juice.


3. Camellia Oil. Click here to purchase.

OK, so this doesn’t really help you with your creative business, but I will say I’m very picky about body oils especially if they are going to be rubbed on my belly every day for months. This one not only smelled amazing but dried non-sticky and I didn’t have a single stretch mark postpartum.


4. Baby Bottle Maker. Click here if you want to make your life 1000x better.

Let me just say, I was a skeptic when I first saw this Keurig-esque machine that promised to make baby bottles in 10 seconds at the perfect temperature. But, my friend Meredith swore to me it was worth every penny. So, for Opal, we spurlged and got one.

Friends, it is life changing. Not even exaggerating,

I don’t know how we did it before with Hadley. I exclusively fed both girls (and still with Opal) on formula, so making bottles was kind of my part-time job with Hadley. I was her official barista.

This time around, I can have Opal’s bottle ready before she ever reaches a full cry for it—it’s amazing. Oh, and Nate and I timed it. It really does make a perfectly-warmed bottle in less than 10 seconds.

How will this help your creative business? You’ll get more sleep and honestly, those few minutes of not having a baby cry can really help your sanity when you’re exhausted and it’s 2:00 am—and make you feel like a total mom boss.


5. Bringing Up Bébé. Click here to purchase the only baby book I read.

I’m not sure if this is the best advice, but I did not read any baby books other than this one before having my first daughter Hadley. For me, I can overthink things so not reading anything kept me calm. However, this was a very easy read, entertaining, and really aligned with the kind of mom I wanted to be.

Being pregnant is very distracting, in the best way. There’s so much excitement and wonderful things to look forward to. But, if you know you’re a worrier or overthinker like me, maybe just reading one or two books, like this one, is enough to help you feel prepared, but not negatively distracted.


6. Hire a Housekeeper. Just do it.

Dear, Mama, you cannot do it all. Repeat. You cannot do it all. Get help. Do not be ashamed of it. Do not listen to anyone shaming you for wanting someone else to clean the floors while you prepare for maternity leave, or snuggle your baby, or recover, or just take a dang nap.

Just like we need to outsource and hire in our businesses, sometimes we need to do the same in our life. Plan for it in your budget, and just do it. You’ll be so glad you did.

And just for reference, my amazing housekeeper comes to see us about twice a month—she did a deep clean just before my due date. She can get our whole house in order in about three hours for $100. If you live in Oklahoma and want to know which company I use, just ask—I’m happy to share!


7. Boppy Pillow. Click here to purchase. Click here for my favorite super soft cover.

My delivery with Hadley was traumatic. My recovery took much longer than most mamas. My arms were so sore from my violent, rolling contractions because I had to hold on to the hospital bed to keep from shaking off of it. Therefore, I couldn’t hold Hadley at first without being in a lot of pain, even after she came home from NICU. My sister-in-law Meagan arranged the boppy for me so I could ‘hold’ Hadley without using my arms.

Other than that, it has come in handy for so many other positions for me and the girls. It’s one of those staples that you may not know beforehand how you’re going to use it, but trust me, you’re going to use it—a ton.

For instance, it’s a great way to lay baby next to you while you work on your computer.

Also, honorable mention: I adore the Solly Baby Wrap. It allows me to clean and work while wearing Opal so we can be together, but also productive. It’s a win-win! Click here to purchase. Here’s the one I have.


8. Spanx Maternity Leggings. Click here to purchase.

Another splurge that was completely worth it—I got these with Opal because I was hurting so much in my third trimester and I wanted more support. They look great (nice and thick, but don’t make you hot), feel great, and they are so nice postpartum while your belly is still going down.

When you’ve got those final pre-baby meetings and you’re sick of maternity jeans and mumu dresses, these are great paired with a long, boyfriend button-down and boots.


9. Belly Bandit Wrap. Click here to purchase.

Speaking of your belly, I thought these were a total vanity purchase until I got one. After having a baby, your midsection feels like jello. I told Nate, I feel like my torso is a ghost just floating there. Weird, I know.

The belly band helps you feel like you’ve got abs until you get them back. So, when you pick up the baby or walk faster than a mild pace you don’t feel like a jello ghost and out of control. I know, it’s weird, but it happens.

Plus, if you are like me and get a ton of ideas while on maternity leave, you’ll be wanting to type them up and probably in weird positions on the couch with the baby and laptop. The band helps you not only heal and feel better but helps you keep good posture so your back doesn’t hurt from sitting so much during recovery.


10. Mamaroo. Click here to purchase.

This was another hype item I was skeptical about, but it really does help soothe a fussy baby like magic. I don’t know about you, but I love holding my baby and do most of the day. But at some point, mama needs to go to the bathroom or just needs a break. This is a great daytime napping option for when you need a break and maybe the baby needs a break from you too.


One last piece of unsolicited advice and this is something my mother, a flight attendant, taught me:


Don’t forget to put your oxygen mask on first.


It’s so easy as a mother, and business owner, to want to take care of everyone else first. You will want to exhaust yourself caring for your baby and business because let’s face it, you love your baby and your other baby, your business.

However, you cannot sustain either if you are not taking care of yourself first. Get rest, get all the help you can (even when you feel like you can manage on your own), take breaks and deep breaths. You cannot serve well if you are not well so don’t forget to take care of yourself first.


10 Must-Haves for the Expecting Creative Entrepreneur |


*Affiliate Disclosure: I genuinely love and use all the of the things listed in this blog post. However, I want to be clear that you know that I’m a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. That means if you buy something I’ve referred from Amazon, I may get a small fee for referring you to that product. Not everything I share is a referral or affiliate, but some are and I just want it to be clear for you that when you buy from my referral codes you’re not just getting an awesome product, but you’re also supporting me and my family—so enjoy these amazing products and thank you!

Photograph by Emily Ann Hughes

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