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013: The 5 Contracts You Need Right Now in Your Creative Business

featuring my attorney Paige Hulse of Paige Hulse Law and Shop Creative Law

*The Creative Well Podcast is currently closed, but you can listen to this episode below!

The 5 Contracts your Creative Business Needs with My Attorney Paige Hulse on The Creative Well™ Podcast with Katie O. Selvidge |

I’m going to give you some tough love: If you do not have these FIVE contracts in your business, or recently updated, or written by a *legit* contract attorney (aka not copied and pasted from the Internet or quickly written by an attorney who does not specialize in contracts or maybe doesn’t understand creative businesses), then you are not a serious business owner and are totally at risk for some major setbacks.

I know, that was a strong statement, but that is why I had my attorney Paige Hulse join me on this special episode of The Creative Well™ podcast. That is also why I have her speak at my Editor’s Course™ retreat and make sure each of my clients and students gets their contracts from her (or at least another reputable attorney who again, specializes in contracts and understands creative businesses.)

I’m giving you my discount code to her contract shop, I believe in it so much. Use the code below to get 10% off your order:


Paige has been an instrumental part of my business. Her contracts have saved me so much heartache and her counsel has allowed me to restructure my businesses in ways that aren’t just life-giving to me, but are also legal so I can move forward in these transitions with peace of mind.

Each of my podcast episodes is a must-listen, but this one I really hope you sit down and take notes because it will truly save your business.


Get the FIVE contracts you need in your creative business right now:

  1. Operating Agreement
  2. Website Privacy Policy
  3. Website Terms & Conditions
  4. Non-Disclosure Agreement
  5. Independent Contractor Agreement


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The 5 Contracts your Creative Business Needs with My Attorney Paige Hulse on The Creative Well™ Podcast with Katie O. Selvidge |


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